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CPD News - May/June 2000

Connect, no.106, May/June 2000, p.7

Professional Development is a continuous process of learning and improvement which professional engineers are finding is even more important in today's competitive market-place.

Professional engineers should see professional development, both initial and continuing as an integral part of the process of lifelong learning.

Early membership of an institution has been quoted by the Engineering Council as being an important and integral part of professional development: self improvement is integral with being a professional.

Professional development should also be a joint partnership between individuals and their employers. Individual learning aims should be integral with business needs to the mutual advantage of both individuals and employers.

The importance of continuing professional development as part of the requirements for continuing membership and registration as a professional engineer is becoming even more important.

The message to young graduates is to embrace the concept of Initial Professional Development (IPD) at the start of their careers followed by Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as their career progresses. This message can be endorsed by members own commitment to CPD and by their support for the learning and development of others.

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