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News in brief - March/April 2000

One hundred and rising

Dr Bill Lucas, TWI's Arc Welding Technology Manager and Visiting Professor at the University of Liverpool, has just published his 100th article on welding.

The first article was published in 1970 and over the next 30 years the subject areas have covered all the major advances in arc welding. The latest article reflects the growing interest in computer technology and describes the use of artificial intelligence (expert systems, fuzzy logic and neural networks) as a means of improving performance of welding equipment. The one article that has given him the most sense of achievement documents the fabrication of the famous T34 World War II Russian tank. As the welding techniques used during the war had not previously been documented, the article was subsequently published in Russia by Mockba, Haykha. This led to correspondence with WW2 tank commander who gave details of the performance of the tank under combat conditions.

International Technology Service

More than 60 companies have already benefited from using the Department of Trade and Industry's International Secondments service which has helped second members of staff to leading overseas companies in some 25 countries. The objective of the scheme is to help UK companies improve performance by benchmarking against overseas companies adopting leading-edge techniques and management practices. 

TWI completes successful magnesium joining project for the automotive industry

TWI recently completed a Group Sponsored Project concerned with successfully joining magnesium to aluminium. A follow-on project is to be launched to industrialise the process for volume production applications.

Contact Lee Smith or Richard Freeman for further details. E-mail: or

TWI is also involved in a European Commission funded project to join magnesium to aluminium using friction processes.

For more information please email: