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Failure analysis services cross the Atlantic

Connect, no. 105, March/April 2000, p.8

Camscan CS44 scanning electron microscope with large chamber and PGT EDX and image analysis facilities
Camscan CS44 scanning electron microscope with large chamber and PGT EDX and image analysis facilities

TWI is pleased to announce that a new collaborative arrangement has been agreed between TWI and CTC - United Defense in Santa Clara, California. Under the terms of this collaboration, TWI will provide, through CTC, failure analysis services to TWI Members in the USA.

CTC and TWI have complementary skills and it is believed that this new arrangement may be particularly beneficial to companies in the USA who may wish to have failure investigations carried out to the high standards associated with TWI, but closer to their door.

CTC is recognized as providing high quality failure analysis services to its clients for more than 30 years and has in-depth knowledge in issues unique to many industry sectors, including defense, aerospace, oil and gas, chemical processing, semiconductor tools, medical devices, and food processes.

In order to guarantee that all work complies to TWI's standards, in addition to their existing quality systems, CTC has incorporated TWI's QA system. The failure investigations will generally be carried out by CTC staff but with TWI providing a management review role. TWI staff may assist directly in the investigation according to the individual circumstances of the failure.

To help in transfer of information between the organizations, the most advanced systems for transmitting photographic images electronically will be used as well as electronic and video communications. TWI staff will join failure investigation teams in California when the need arises.

The expanded failure analysis service will be of benefit to many TWI Members working in the USA.

Contact: Dan Richard at CTC (Tel: 408-289-3904, Fax 408-289-4429, E-mail ) or Peter Hart at TWI. E-mail:

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