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TWI helps people under pressure

Connect, no. 107, July/August 2000, p.1

In October 1999 TWI joined forces with Sub Aqua Diving Services to administer, maintain and operate their hyperbaric chamber while still providing 24 hour emergency support cover for Sub Aqua Diving Services. This agreement followed a feasibility study which showed that it would be cost effective for both organisations to join forces to provide mutual emergency support cover.

 Brian Deane of MFC in the compression chamber at TWI North
Brian Deane of MFC in the compression chamber at TWI North

Funding for the study came from a Technology Transfer programme, Pipeline and Offshore Technology and Training (POTT) - a project supported by the European Regional Development Fund and the European Social Fund.

David McIver, the diving and chamber supervisor
David McIver, the diving and chamber supervisor

TWI has been actively promoting the chamber facility in the North East region and has recently provided the facility to carry out hyperbaric oxygen therapy on Brian Deane, the Middlesbrough Football Club premiership striker. This involved a series of treatments carried out under the direction of Mr Bob Ward the MFC physiotherapist who said 'the treatment has enhanced Brian's recovery rate from an injury to his ribs by at least two weeks'.

TWI will operate the recompression chamber under the new BHA code of practice. This will fill the gap for hyperbaric emergency treatment in the North East.

Talks are also taking place with the South Cleveland Health Authority with a view to providing hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat osteoradioecrosis patients and CO poisoning among other medical conditions that are known to benefit from hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

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