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RISKWISE RBI software for optimising plant inspection and maintenance

Connect, no. 107, July/August 2000, p.8

Risk-based inspection (RBI) is a formal approach for ranking process equipment in terms of the likelihood and consequence of failure. A ranking of equipment in terms of risk of failure allows an operator to concentrate inspection resources on critical items. RBI consequently facilitates improvements in plant safety. Its uptake is also being driven by the now proven savings that RBI offers in reducing inspection and maintenance downtime.

Based on our core strengths of mechanical and material degradation, corrosion, NDT and fitness-for-service assessment, TWI is addressing the industrial need through an advanced RBI software package called RISKWISETM. It is a true inspection planning tool as well as a risk auditing tool for use across a range of sectors, including oil/gas/chemical production and processing facilities, as well as power generation plants. It is used to optimise in-service inspection programmes by balancing operating costs against the cost of failure mitigation, eg in the context of extending operating run-lengths or reducing downtime. RISKWISETM easily accommodates plant experience and does not need specialist support: for example, requisite knowledge bases are available through the internet via our technical knowledge pages. In the event that a client has special requirements, eg from interfacing with existing databases to translation into another language, RISKWISETM is customised to meet customers' specifications.


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