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ERW/HFI welded linepipe - the state of the art

Connect, no. 107, July/August 2000, p.8

HFI welded linepipe Courtesy of Corus
HFI welded linepipe Courtesy of Corus

A comprehensive worldwide review of manufacturers, pipeline fabricators and operators defining the state of the art for Electrical Resistance Welded (ERW) and High Frequency Induction (HFI) welded line pipe has recently been completed as the first phase of a Group Sponsored project.

The report covers all aspects of the production of resistance welded pipes and their use in oil and gas applications. It also includes guidelines on mill auditing schemes covering the quality of the pipe supplied.

The report is available to Members of TWI at a price of £6000, representing excellent value as the project represented a total Sponsor Group contribution of £72,000.

Phase II of the project is about to begin and, responding to industry's need, will focus specifically upon the generation of new data on the performance of resistance welded pipe material in sour service environments to augment the general base generated by Phase I.

Three companies have already signed up to the two year Phase II and more are immediately expected, allowing an early start to the project.

If you would like details of the experimental work or would have an interest in becoming a sponsor please do not hesitate contact us.

For more information please email: