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CPD News - January/February 2000

Connect, no. 104, January/February 2000, p.6

Continuing Professional Development - latest developments

Under new Engineering Council guidelines which came into effect in autumn 1999, more emphasis will be placed on 'outcomes' rather than 'hours'. CPD should however still be recorded in a systematic manner so that it can be open to inspection.

Engineering Council has devised a Three Point Code to encourage engineers and technicians to take relevant action on their CPD:

  1. Demonstration of commitment
    Demonstrate commitment to maintaining professional competence through self managed CPD:

    • Note professional and any legal/commercial requirements for evidence of CPD
    • Understand the uses of evidence in appraisal/employment/recruitment
    • Be aware of useful sources and forms of evidence
    • Have available and, if required, provide suitable evidence
  2. Self management
    Take responsibility for and manage CPD:

    • Identify and prioritise development needs and opportunities
    • Use appropriate guidelines and competence benchmarks (e.g. from profession, employer)
    • Plan and carry out development action using a range of appropriate learning opportunities
    • Record development achievements
    • Evaluate achievements and review against needs
  3. Learning support
    Support the learning and development of others:

    • Be prepared to act as a mentor
    • Encourage employers to support professional development
    • Share professional expertise and knowledge
    • Provide support for the learning of others
    • Contribute to the activities of a professional body

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