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Adhesive technology solves your needs

Connect, no. 100, May/June 1999, p.8

The DTI's Materials Metrology Programme has a wide ranging agenda to provide UK manufacturing industry with competitive advantage. This is being achieved by delivering enabling technology for the innovative use of engineering materials, by designers and manufacturers, to produce more competitive products that meet increasingly stringent specifications.

The DTI uses the expertise of all UK Centres of Excellence in each technology area to ensure that delivery is timely and cost effective.

Working in alliance with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and AEA Technology, TWI is disseminating the results from the Adhesive Technology part of the programme.

Key parts of the dissemination activity are interactive workshops focusing on the innovative use of engineering adhesives. The next workshop will be at Dinorwig Power Station on 19 May 1999, with a Demonstration Day at TWI on 30June 1999.

Meanwhile, a Help Desk has been established at TWI to provide a focal point for answers to all your questions: a one-stop-shop. Through the Help Desk you can access Best Practice Guides, Case Studies, and practical advice to assist you in decision making. Why not call today on 01223 894615?

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