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Rust never sleeps but TWI continues the battle

Connect, March/April 1999


There are several current activities at TWI aimed at helping industry battle against the problems of corrosion or those associated with preventative measures such as cathodic protection. The combination of materials and operational environment leads to degradation of assets through general corrosion (easily accounted for at design) localised attack (crevice and pitting corrosion) or cracking (stress corrosion cracking and corrosion fatigue). TWI has dealt with corrosion related issues for over 50 years and this subject area continues to grow.

Refinery industry focus at TWI for two days in March

The next Oil and Gas Industry Panel event will be held at TWI on Wednesday 24 March. It will cover Knowledge Management (Capturing the Corporate Memory), Risk Based Inspection (RBI) methodology and materials in mildly sour environments. This forum provides an excellent opportunity for open discussion with representatives from the sector, and to brainstorm ideas with TWI.

TWI is pleased to host the EFC working party on Corrosion in the Refinery Industry and, on this occasion therefore, the Industry Panel is open to non-Members within the industry. Also there will be the opportunity to attend the launch of a proposed Joint Industry Project JIP (Group Sponsored Project) on Polythionic acid stress corrosion cracking or to tour the facilities at TWI.

To maximise the benefit to Members of their visit to TWI, the European Federation of Corrosion (EFC) Working Party on Corrosion in the Refinery Industry are holding their meeting at TWI on Thursday 25 March 1999.

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