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News in brief - March/April 1999

Connect, March/April 1999

New project on 13%Cr materials attracts interest

The 13%Cr weldable martensitic stainless steels offer the potential to replace duplex stainless steels in some oil and gas service with a material cost saving of about 50%. In December 1998, TWI held the inaugural meeting of the follow-on proposal GP/MAT1151 Optimising the properties of weldments in weldable martensitic and super martensitic stainless steels. This received tremendous support from industry with 15 companies in attendance and a further eight expressing interest but unable to attend. Five organisations have already committed to supporting this project: Chevron Research & Technology, ESAB, Lincoln electric company, NKK Corporation and RCO Exploration & Production. It is anticipated that Shell International and Total Oil Marine will join imminently and other potential sponsors are expected to join soon. If you wish to participate, early contact with TWI is recommended.

For more information, please contact us.

Corrosion related projects and proposals at TWI

JIP (GSP) projects

5690 Effect of intermetallic phases on corrosion resistance of superduplex and superaustenitic stainless steel weldments.
5693 Effect of external hard zones on environmental cracking risk of C-Mn steel pipeline
5698 Definition of H2S limits for ferritic-austenitic stainless steels in sour service
5699 Cathodic protection of ferritic austenitic stainless steels

JIP (GSP) Proposals

1149 ERW/HFI welded linepipe for sour service applications 1151 Optimising the properties of weldments in weldable martensitic and supermartensitic stainless steels
1153 Metal-ceramic graded composite coatings by HVOF spraying for improved protection in corrosive environments
1156 Corrosion fatigue crack growth in sour media
1160 Polythionic stress corrosion cracking

More details on the above or other corrosion related needs please contact us.

Joining titanium - from design to service

A one-day seminar will be held on Wednesday 26 May at Great Abington covering ways to increase quality and decrease production costs of titanium fabrications. Presentations by experts and practical demonstrations will provide valuable information on the latest joining, NDE and performance developments. More details on this event are available from the Meetings Section. E-mail:

For more information please email: