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European support for medical data collection

Connect, no. 101, July/August 1999, p.8


Monitoring moments about anatomical joints in a Gait Laboratory with sophisticated 3D movement analysis and ground reaction force monitoring instrumentation.

In the absence of any national or international standards, design and development of lower limb orthotic devices has always been based on empirical evidence and historical field experience. However, new European legislation now demands a Technical File for any apparatus supplied to patients.

As a result, an international consortium is collaborating to monitor moments generated about anatomical joints in a variety of patients and orthoses. TWI has the task of project management and co-ordination.

The Initiation Meeting for this Euro360k, two year project took place in March. A development programme was established to collate data on patients wearing four generic types of orthosis. The aim is to produce, for the first time, a databank of information to provide guidance on structural requirements. This will permit reductions in bulk and weight of ambulatory orthoses without compromising patient safety.

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