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Continuing professional development news - July/August 1999

Connect, no. 101, July/August 1999, p.6

Continuing Professional Development - an update

The importance of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in the context of lifelong learning is growing. The Government has recognised the benefits accruing to individuals and employers and discussions are currently taking place with the DfEE and professional bodies to consider how CPD should fit in with the Government's wider lifelong learning agenda.

The Engineering Council, via its Professional Development Forum, has recognised the importance to individuals of following a structured programme of development from the start of their working life. Initial Professional Development (IPD) will be a requirement under new Engineering Council guidelines, and new graduates are now being encouraged to begin their working life with a structured IPD programme.

Engineering Institutions generally are following and implementing the Engineering Council's guidance for Professional Development. This includes:

  • promoting to members and employers the importance of CPD achievements to business and individual success
  • guiding and supporting members to achieve benefits from CPD
  • monitoring the CPD of registrants

Members are therefore reminded of their responsibility for CPD in support of the requirement for them to maintain professional competence.

TWI, in common with the other Nominated Bodies of the Engineering Council, will be following the Engineering Council's requirements for institutions to maintain and monitor CPD. It will also be encouraging new members, particularly new graduates, to embark on a structured IPD programme.

More mature candidates applying for membership will likewise be encouraged to develop a similar qualifying professional development programme. Another acronym - QPD - may therefore be introduced!

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