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Ultrasonic immersion - new testing facility at TWI

Connect, November/December 1998

A new ultrasonic immersion testing facility has recently been set up in TWI's Structural Integrity department.

The new system has equipment supplied by Ultrasonic Sciences Ltd, specialists in both laboratory and production applications and expands the inspection section's capability for high resolution inspection of materials, components and assemblies.

Transducers in 1-100MHz range may be used making the facility suitable for a wide range of applications. For example, when operating in the 50-75MHz frequency range, volumetric flaws in the order of 30mm can be imaged. A, B and C-scan presentations are available with full RF waveform acquisition for more detailed evaluation using a variety of post-processing options.

Expected applications include inspection of advanced materials, welded and bonded assemblies, surface coatings and transducer characterisation. Components up to 500mm square and 200mm high can be scanned at high precision with an accuracy and repeatability of 12.5mm. The system also includes a turntable suitable for scanning components up to 300mm in diameter and 200mm high.

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