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Focus in Europe

Connect, November/December 1998

Approximately £10bn is being made available for the funding of collaborative R&Dmp;D, Technology Transfer and Training projects across Europe. This support will be available under the EC Framework 5 Programme which will cover the period 1999-2002 and is designed to promote the competitiveness of European industry and to enhance the quality of life in Europe. Participation will be open not only to companies and organisations within the 15 EU Member States, but also to those in other associated countries as shown in the figure.

15EU Member States
15EU Member States

Full Framework 5 participation is open to all 15 EU Member States, ie Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, UK.

Participation is also open to: Fellow Members of the European Economic Area, (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Israel); to those countries which have applied to join the EU; and to those countries with whom the EC has a science and technology agreement, (Australia, Canada, China, Russia, South Africa and USA - subject to negotiations).

The EC will support up to 50% of allowable project costs for shared cost R&D projects. Most of the Framework 5 budget (80%) will go to the support of projects in the following four Thematic Programmes:

  • Living Resources
  • Information Society (IT and Communications)
  • Competitive Growth (includes manufacturing and transport)
  • Preserving the Eco System (includes energy and environment projects)
  • More specifically, support will be available for 21 Key Actions within these Thematic Programmes. The most relevant of these Key Actions to TWI Member Companies are as follows:

Information Society

  • New Methods of Work and Electronic Commerce
  • Multimedia Content and Tools
  • Essential Technologies and Infrastructures

Competitive Growth

  • Innovative Products, Processes and Organisations
  • New Perspectives for Aeronautics
  • Land Transport for Aeronautics
  • Land Transport and Marine Technology

Preserving the Ecosystem

  • Cleaner Energy Systems and Economic and Efficient Energy
  • Controlled Thermo-nuclear Fusion
  • Nuclear Fission

A series of Calls-for-Proposals will be made during the course of Framework 5, and the following is the expected timing of the first batch of these:

  • Publication of details of the R&D Programmes
    December 1998
  • First Call - for - Proposals
    March 1999
  • First Submission date for Proposals
    June 1999

Some of the details of the Information Society and Competitive Growth Programmes are already available and now is the time to consider proposals for submission in June 1999. Those companies or organisations who are interested in collaboration with TWI on such proposals should contact

Further description on the detail of the above programmes will be published in Connect as they become available.


For more information please email: