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TWI investigates micro materials

Connect, no. 92, January/February 1998, p.3

A project has begun to investigate use of non-contact extensometry to measure the mechanical properties of materials for the microelectronics and transducer industries.

Building on work carried out in the Core Research Programme on strain gauged test specimens, this project will enable methods of quantifying the mechanical behaviour of micro materials to be developed. Such data are needed for joint and assembly assessment and for component modelling

Test specimens taken from very small components are usually too small and fragile to be used for normal strain measurement methods and strain gauges are difficult to apply. To counter this problem, TWI is using a non-contact video extensometer which will not cause specimen damage. It is being used to make stress-strain and creep measurements of several materials including a solder and die attach adhesive.

In addition, the equipment will be used to monitor deformations in components undergoing thermal and mechanical load cycling.

If you would like to know more about this project, contact Terry Dickerson in the Structural Engineering Department. E-mail:

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