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TWI Delivers On-Site Weld Assessment in South East Asia

Tue, 23 June, 2020

Systematic recording of welding parameters and ancillary operations such as preheat and post-weld heat treatment during the fabrication of large components is a standard operation procedure that is not always carried out or maintained diligently.

Having proper and complete paperwork on the quality of the welds is an important requirement for proving compliance to the appropriate standards, and not having the proof can end up in costly conflicts and delays in projects.

TWI has successfully solved this problem for numerous clients by undertaking an on-site weld assessment.

The assessment is carried out by a team of TWI’s skilled engineers who temporarily station on the client’s site and conduct systematic non-destructive assessment of welded joints, using a range of techniques such as liquid penetrant testingphased array ultrasonics, on-site metallographic replication and portable hardness testing.

An expert opinion on the quality of the welds and their compliance to industry standards is generated based on the results of these assessments, which can help you to gain technical visibility for the appropriate decisions for your business.

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