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RBI Study at Tanjung Bin Energy Power Plant, Malaysia

Tue, 14 January, 2020

TWI Services Sdn Bhd was contracted by Malakoff Power Berhad (MPB) to carry out risk based inspection (RBI) assessment of the boilers and balance of plant equipment at its Tanjung Bin T4 Power Plant, located in Johore state. TWI had previously conducted the initial RBI assessment for this power plant in 2017.

MPB, a subsidiary of the largest independent power producer (IPP) in Malaysia - Malakoff Corporation Berhad, has an effective capacity of 5,910MW, comprising of 6 power plants including the Tanjung Bin T4 Power Plant. The T4 power plant is one of three 1,000MW ultra supercritical coal-fired power plants in Malaysia, and was commissioned in March 2016. The T4 power plant is equipped with the latest ultra-supercritical technology and was supplied by GE Power.

This work started with a kick off meeting, data collection and a site visit. The contract scope of work involves the development of a scheme of inspection based on the design, operation and failure history of the plant. It is expected that, in the RBI assessment, the likelihood of failure due to flaws, deterioration or degradation will be assessed and, in combination with the anticipated consequences, will result in a risk profile of each equipment component. This assessment will provide TNB with the detailed knowledge of the type and location of any failure, the rate at which failure may occur, and where failure would give unacceptable risk. Risk profiles for each equipment component will be generated and the inspection plan for each equipment component will be produced to provide confidence of future integrity.

The RBI assessment will assist the T4 plant in applying for an extended Certificate of Fitness (CF) from the Malaysian Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH). MPB intends to apply to extend the CFs from the statutory period of 15 months to at least 36 months.

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