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Online Live Training: A Change for the Future

Fri, 22 May, 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak has led to unprecedented circumstances that have an impact on the education of millions of people around the world. From elementary schools to universities and vocational training centres, the global lockdown has affected everyone.

Although distance learning and eLearning solutions are not new options, the sudden unpredictable changes have forced many organisations to take quick steps to design innovative alternative methods of education and training.

Facing the global crisis, TWI is no exception in implementing proactive measures to mitigate the effects of the challenging times, not least due to the controls placed on global movement. Our online live training courses were introduced in March 2020 to support continuous improvement and career development of our candidates, regardless of their location.

With the online live training, our lecturers deliver the theories via a video conferencing tool such as Zoom or Webex in real time. Candidates have the opportunity to interact with their lecturer as well as with each other, creating a virtual classroom experience in their own homes.

Distance learning and eLearning options not only save a candidate’s time by allowing them to study from their own location, they also save on costs by removing the need to commute to a training centre. In addition, those who are based in countries where the courses are not regularly conducted can now join the classroom without crossing borders, saving on travelling expenditures as well as the time away from family and work.

The online live training, which has now become a staple addition to TWI’s training methods, has been well received by our candidates across the world, from the Middle East and South East Asia to Europe and Canada.

TWI’s move towards adopting an online learning approach started long before the pandemic. The Virtual Academy was first launched a few years ago to meet the needs of candidates who require more flexibility with their time and location. TWI was the first organisation to deliver non-destructive testing (NDT) courses through eLearning and blended learning solutions. The eLearning courses have all been designed by our certified experts by keeping the needs of the industry in mind.

Further to our NDT blended learning packages, TWI has developed several eLearning courses covering the welding inspection, including a full course, pre-course and refresher training courses. With BGAS-CSWIP painting inspector and site coatings under development, our eLearning offerings are becoming more varied, presenting more choices for candidates with different preferences.

In a day and age when everyone is moving toward becoming a digital nomad, TWI would like to be on the forefront of the movement towards modern ways of skill enhancement by utilising the latest technologies and solutions.

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