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Meet the Lecturer: Nooruladha

Fri, 06 March, 2020

Adha had always been passionate about electrical and mechanical engineering. He chose to go to a technical high school and, after that, in 2004, he managed to get his diploma in mechanical engineering from University Technology Malaysia.

He started his career with an apprenticeship programme in TestEx Sdn. Bhd. It was then that he got introduced to NDT and the route to NDT inspection. In his job as an inspector, he was responsible for maintenance of plants. As a part of his career development, he started taking supplementary certificates of NDT. The first certificate he got was in radiographic testing, which was delivered at Nuclear Malaysia Training Centre. After one year of mastering radiographic testing, he progressed to other methods, including ultrasonic testing, magnetic testing and penetrant testing. Since his job was also involved with plant inspection, to compliment his hands-on experience, he got API 510 certificate as well.

He believes that his experience as an inspector at TestEx gave him a depth of knowledge on the topic of mechanical engineering. However, he found that making a work-life balance is challenging, considering that he had to make himself available to work even on weekends.

Adha enjoys knowledge sharing and he always used to volunteer to train the newcomers in his company. Thinking of a new challenge, he decided to get involved with training and that was when he found the opportunity to join TWI as an NDT lecturer in 2012.

Starting with conventional methods, now he is only delivering advanced methods of PAUT and ToFD across the South East Asia region. He is now completing his mechanical engineering degree and is aspiring to gain the chartered engineer title. “I like to learn new things! It is not about the monetary return, but more about becoming able to convey the knowledge I’ve gained to my students,” says Adha.

He finds hearing about his students’ success in examinations the most satisfying news as it proves to him that he has done a good job.

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