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Meet The Lecturer: Hassan

Mon, 15 June, 2020

Coming from Kemaman, Hassan grew up in a city where oil and gas was the major local industry. At the age of 18 he was determined to learn welding at a local technical institute so that he could secure himself a job in a market that was booming.

Working as a welding apprentice prepared him for working on bigger projects and, as he progressed, his role evolved into the inspection field.

After a few years of working as an inspector, he realised that there are lots of opportunities in NDT and he could challenge himself by getting involved in this area and perhaps improve his income level too. He completed training on conventional methods of NDT and redirected his career towards NDT inspection. Working on numerous projects as a quality control inspector gave Hassan a wealth of experience and knowledge in quality control inspection.

In the year 2000, trying to explore new areas, Hassan decided to start teaching NDT courses in a Malaysian institute and, four years later, he joined the lecturing team at TWI Malaysia. Although, he took a year’s break to start up his rope access training business, in 2008 he returned to TWI to continue his lecturing job. However, this time he was responsible for the delivery of welding inspection courses as well.

Hassan’s expertise is not limited to conventional NDT techniques. He used to deliver the full range of courses from basic methods, such as magnetic particle testing and penetrant testing, to the more advanced ultrasonic testing techniques of phased array and ToFD as well as ACFM and NDT Level 3. Shifting to teach welding inspection, he currently delivers welding inspection courses from level 1 to the advanced level of senior welding inspector across the South East Asia region.

Hassan is a certified IIW specialist and he will be adding QC coordinator to the range of courses that he delivers in the near future. He is passionate about his job as a lecturer and believes that the importance of his role lies in the training and development of the next generation of specialists who will become the experts of the future.

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