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Khuganeswaran on Painting Inspection Training in Malaysia

Mon, 06 July, 2020

Khuganeswaran Jayakumar has been working as a quality assurance and quality control engineer for the past four years.

He graduated in mechanical engineering from Petronas University, after which he started his career in quality control. His job has been mostly involved with welding inspection, piping fabrication, and mechanical equipment installation as well as painting, blasting and all procedures that are involved in oil and gas fabrication and installation work.

His career path exposed him to inspection related training and certification and it was his aim, following graduation, to become certified in welding inspection. But, due to the work experience requirement of this course, he had to wait until he could meet the entry requirement. So, in the meantime, he started teaching himself the techniques and concepts of inspection. However, after four years of hands-on inspection work, he now has gathered enough experience to upgrade himself to become a certified inspector.

Khuganeswaran believes that getting an official certificate for the topics that he has expertise in helps him to get better recognition from employers, which can, in turn, increase his employment opportunities in the future.

In the work that he is involved in, everything depends on the client requirements. If someone wants to really get involved in the field of inspection they need to comply with the requirements of clients, which includes holding internationally recognised certificates such as CSWIP.

Khuganeswaran mentions that, as someone who is self-trained, he knows the practicality of the techniques but by attending the BGAS-CSWIP Painting Inspection training, he is gaining a deeper understanding of the subject, both practically as well as with the terms and theories behind the concepts being used.

He finds the lecturer’s teaching technique very good as the concepts are being presented in an easy to understand manner that can be simply followed.

Khuganeswaran is now planning to supplement his BGAS-CSWIP Painting Inspector certificate with CSWIP Welding Inspector training as he believes these certificates are going to support him in his career progression in the oil and gas industry.

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