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Career Transformation through IIW Diploma Courses

Fri, 31 January, 2020

Dinesh has been working with OMS Oilfield Services Pte Ltd since 2015 as a welding engineer. Although he holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, Dinesh is not a certified welding engineer, and that is why he has decided to come to TWI and improve his status by getting certified while also developing his skills.

Originally from India and currently working in Singapore, Dinesh started his career with quality control engineering in the automobile sector in India after graduation from production engineering.

Looking for new challenges in life, he decided to move to Singapore two years after that. In 2012 he started a new job in Singapore as a quality control engineer in the semiconductor industry. Soon he realised that the opportunities in the oil and gas industry are far more rewarding. With his background in automotive and semiconductor industries, it was a big challenge to transition into the oil and gas industry. Therefore, he decided to resign from his job and focus his full efforts on completing his master’s degree.

Once he graduated, Dinesh managed to land a job in OMS Oilfield Services Pte Ltd. He went on a two-year period of on the job training where he got to work with welders, welding supervisors, quality control engineers and inspectors. Going through this period made him ready to get promoted to the welding engineer position. The initial practical exposure proved to be very helpful for his career as he applied his practical knowledge to the other areas of his work.

Dinesh chose TWI Malaysia for his training as its vicinity to Singapore makes it convenient for him to commute. It also minimises his time away from work, which is of high importance for both Dinesh and his employer.

So far Dinesh has completed four modules of the IIW/IWE programme and he is determined to get his International Welding Specialist certificate.

He finds the courses very helpful and informative. He believes the topics covered are very important and practical subjects that are usually overlooked in the academic curriculums. By undertaking the IIW training courses, Dinesh is able to learn new subjects and gain knowledge that can directly be applied to his work.

He is optimistic that once he completes his training and gets qualified, he will be getting chances to lead the fabrication shop independently in which he will take over the full welding processes. This would put him at a position where he can work independently which can, in turn, lead to higher level of income for him.

Dinesh mentions how he enjoys the way the courses are being delivered in TWI. He finds daily quizzes at the end of the sessions a very helpful tactic to measure his progress and learning the material covered during the day, as well as his areas of weakness or the points he might have missed during the training.

Dinesh believes that the time and funds spent on getting the IIW training courses are absolutely worthwhile, especially when he considers the amount of knowledge and exposure he has gained by going through this training, which would eventually help him develop himself.

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