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Supporting Wellbeing: Virtual Cricket Competition

Mon, 09 May, 2022

Pakistan’s love of cricket is known all around the world, so what better way to help promote wellbeing at work than with a virtual cricket competition at the TWI Pakistan offices?

We invited CRICVIX to install their 3D gaming equipment at the office so that we could engage employees in fun and healthy activities.

Fun and happiness are shown to be important parts of your individual wellbeing and more organisations are working to introduce a fun element into the work environment.

Not only does it provide a good way to boost your wellbeing, but these events also help build team bonding and allow employees to meet each other outside of the structure of work.

The virtual cricket tournament saw each player face six overs with the use of a virtual reality, 3D headset.

The award for the most number of runs scored in the limited overs match was given to bother Ijaz Aslam and Awais Masood, while there was also a special award for Sajiad Hussain who provided joyful commentary during the event.

Finally, in the spirit of unity, the employees were handed ‘appreciation medals’ by the TWI Pakistan country managers.