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Welding Inspection: What’s in it for me?

Thu, 30 January, 2020

‘What’s in it for me?’ is a common question we face at TWI India, but an understanding of what a career in welding inspection is all about will help you find the answer.

As you probably know, welding, in simple terms, is a method of joining materials. However, once they are joined, they have to be inspected to detect defects and assess the quality of the weld. These inspections, using a variety of methods, ensure the safe operation of equipment, the integrity of structures, and so on.

As welding technology has advanced over the years to include robotic, computerised set-ups, so inspection has also advanced in parallel. With welding developing to embrace new materials and techniques year after year, it offers new challenges to welding personnel. Added to this is the fact that welding is one of the areas of engineering that requires some knowledge of other engineering disciplines. This, in turn, helps welding personnel gain knowledge in other disciplines too.

Welding inspection is a crucial step in the process to accept or reject the weld. It requires knowledgeable personnel who are trained and certified to ensure that their decisions are correct, accurate, and consistent. The importance of welding inspection is highlighted by the many critical applications that it is required for, including those in oil and gas, nuclear power, defence, and aerospace.

Certification is carried out in line with international standards. Several of these standards are available for training and certification to ensure the competence of personnel at various levels.

TWI India offers a selection of courses relating to standards at different levels for the certification of inspection personnel.

Many industries offer good job opportunities to certified personnel and there is also a good potential for career growth. Most of these jobs offer unique challenges in assessing quality and provide rewards to competent staff.

So, why wait? Talk to us and we will put you on the road to success. Contact us! 

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