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TWI Training Delivers 3.4U Online ‘Live’ Course to India

Thu, 04 June, 2020

Six candidates from India attended TWI Training’s first-ever 3.4U ‘Live’ online training course. The course was delivered using a remote classroom-style format to provide a ‘live online’ feel to the training.

The course was originally set to take place on 1 June, but was brought forward at the request of Fugro (who employed five of the attendees) and TWI India.

A week of theory training was followed by a week of practical training, with the entire course being delivered by the Virtual Academy using Zoom and Vimeo. The training had a relaxed atmosphere as the students were able to learn from the comfort of their own homes. The students were also able to ask questions, exchange material and complete homework alongside the remote classroom training.

The candidates saved both time and money with this course as there was no need to travel or pay for accommodation. This was particularly important for the candidates who already spend time away from their families while working offshore.

The two lecturers were able to communicate with the students with no problems, allowing the candidates to continue to improve their knowledge and progress their careers despite being thousands of miles away from the lecturers.

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