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Passion for Professional Development

Thu, 03 December, 2020

Nandakumar, a diploma holder in mechanical engineering, is passionate about working in painting inspection. Having started his career as supervisor in a fabrication industry, he acknowledges that the BGAS-CSWIP certification, which he completed in 2010, was a turning point in his life, which also earned him his job in Saudi Arabia and Qatar for various projects in oil and gas, shipyards and infrastructure, etc.

Though his passion for professional development drove him to complete the CSWIP Welding Inspector certification programme in 2013, and helped him to become a multi-disciplinary inspector, his mind was always set for progress and opportunities in painting inspection. He strongly believed that painting and coating is a vast field where one can get not only more technical knowledge but also many challenging, rewarding opportunities. A brief look at his job responsibilities clearly demonstrates the wide variety of technical challenges, processes and procedures he is already handling and getting exposure to.

His urge to upskill and his passion for his field of work made Nandakumar consider completing the BGAS-CSWIP painting inspector Grade 1 course. He was confident that this certification would help him progress in his career and get the best opportunities in offshore industries at a senior level. Having recently successfully completed the Grade 1 course via Zoom, Nandakumar felt that the online class had no difference from classroom training, other than the environment. He revealed that the delivery of concepts and overall training was satisfactory and, with the pandemic situation still ongoing, he is waiting for an opportune time to complete the examination.

When asked about importance of CSWIP, BGAS-CSWIP certification, a beaming Nandakumar stated, “Without this certification we will lose the world of technology which is involved in the painting industry.”

Nandakumar is an example of how passion and perseverance, together with dedication to your chosen field, can bring long term results, and we wish him success in all his future endeavours.

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