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Meet our RI expert, Manoj Patra!

Mon, 21 December, 2020

Mr. Manoj Patra is TWI India’s senior NDT lecturer. With a degree in mechanical engineering and certifications to Level III as per ASNT and ISO 9712 in UT, RI, MPI and PT, he has a vast experience of more than 20 years in training and inspection in the NDT field in industries like oil and gas (onshore and offshore), power and ship building. His expertise includes auditing NDT firms, improving NDT processes and procedures as per job requirement and analysing the results. Though certified in all the four NDT methods, he has a passion for radiography and he is well versed not only in the techniques of this method but also in the safety aspects of this method, which is very vital.

Having gained expertise in many facets of radiography, Manoj now shares and imparts knowledge to industry personnel by conducting CSWIP courses in India and abroad. At TWI India, he has been conducting RI courses for many years and has guided number of NDT personnel to gain their RI certification. He has also been conducting in-house programmes for industry. His courses have been widely appreciated and, thanks to his efforts, TWI India has been witnessing a steady flow of students for RI courses. Manoj says, “I like teaching, sharing of my knowledge with the candidates and in that process, I also learn.”

Radiography is a very popular technique used in industries to detect internal defects and many times it is used mandatorily. To grasp this technique and to perform the job satisfactorily, one should be appropriately certified and this is where our CSWIP RI course comes in handy. According to Manoj, “Courses like CSWIP RI L2 ensures competency of the candidate and brightens job opportunities.”

Having entered this field at a young age and having gained expertise in many industries, Manoj has a unique advantage and is also willing to share his knowledge. According to him, the RI field has a very good job potential and there is a high demand for RI certified personnel in many industries. Manoj says, “I feel that among all NDT methods, RT is a very widely used technique and all inspection personnel should be aware of this method to some extent.”

TWI’s training course in radiographic interpretation provides essential knowledge on radiographic interpretation theory and practice to enable interpreters to judge radiographic quality and practical interpretation of welds. Engineers, inspectors, surveyor and radiographers who need to interpret radiographs but do not have a clear understanding of the concepts of radiography can benefit from this course. 

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