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Meet our Expert - Four Decades of Dedication to Welding

Mon, 03 August, 2020

Mr Ravi Raja Rao, B.Tech(Met); M.Tech(Metal Joining); C.Eng; FWeldI; Fel.I.Inst.W, Chief Manager (Welding), shares his journey in welding with us.

How did you pick up welding as your career?

It all began three decades ago, in 1977, when I had just completed my bachelor’s degree in Metallurgy and was admitted to my post-graduation in Metal Joining. At that time I did not know much about this welding field and its opportunities.

On completion of post-graduation, I successfully landed jobs which involved plenty of welding, be it fabrication techniques, repair and maintenance, design, marketing, establishing welding procedures, testing, research, teaching, training and consumable development, etc, to name a few, and each one of them threw up new challenges, enabling me to learn constantly and gain more knowledge and experience.

I had the opportunities to interact with wide range of industries, including heavy engineering, ship building, automobile, nuclear, thermal power, mining, cement, oil and gas, refinery, fertiliser, and defence to just name a few. These were not mere interactions but opportunities to understand their welding requirements and develop welding solutions.

I would proudly say that my continued presence and contributions in this field have helped me to earn coveted recognitions such as C.Eng. FWeldI and Fel.I.Inst.W. All of these bring lot of professional satisfaction and this field offers plenty of such opportunities and rewards.

What potential is there in the field of welding?

This field is very rewarding. I can confidently tell that this field is not far behind any other engineering field and the rewards are on par, if not more. But, a word of caution, these rewards are only for those who deserve them. With welding becoming a critical activity day by day, industries are looking for qualified, trained and certified welding personnel and this demand keeps increasing, as industries don’t want to leave things to chance - and they have no money, time, energy and material to experiment. It is also worth noting that welding is being increasingly used for manufacturing, repair, maintenance - and the demand for welding personnel is always on the rise.

How is your teaching experience at TWI India?

I am now in the twilight of my career. When I wanted to share my knowledge and experience with the younger (and also older) generation, I got the opportunity of lecturing for welding courses at TWI India. I continue to enjoy my presence in this field and feel immensely satisfied that my knowledge and experience is useful in producing welding personnel for the future. Welding has all the ingredients for a great career.

How do you motivate young engineers to choose welding for their career?

When you say welding to someone, they immediately visualise a welder doing welding in a dingy workshop. But that is not the reality. Welding has developed over the years and is used today in all industries for something or other. It is one field which requires knowledge of many other engineering fields like mechanical, electrical, structural, metallurgical, etc, and all these engineers can find a job in welding. Today, welding is not only restricted to metals, even plastics and other materials are welded. All these activities require engineers to design, manufacture, and test the components produced. Only when the young engineers are made aware of these things, may they be motivated to have a look at this field. They should be made aware that welding is an activity without which most of the things we see could not have been produced.

Why is certification important in addition to qualification?

As you might have realised by now, welding has developed over the years to take care of many critical materials and severe service conditions which demand high and stringent quality requirements are met consistently. This propels the demand for qualified and certified welding personnel. While qualification ensures that the welding personnel have adequate and relevant knowledge, the certification ensures that they can practically apply them on the job to ensure quality standards are maintained.

“Choose Welding as your career. It is Challenging-Rewarding-Satisfying” – Mr. Ravi Raja Rao


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