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Lifetime Achievement Award

Fri, 14 February, 2020

In recognition of his selfless devotion and dedicated contribution to the welding industry, as well as his 40-years of expertise in the field of Welding Science and Technology, Mr Ravi Raja Rao has been given a Lifetime Achievement award.

Devoting one’s entire career to serving the welding industry is by no means an ordinary achievement yet TWI India’s Chief Manager of Welding, Ravi Raja Rao, has done just that.

Having earned his bachelor’s degree in metallurgy from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras, he went on to gain a post-graduate qualification in metal joining from the same institution. From here Mr Rao began to work with leading companies dealing with various welding related areas including fabrication, repair, maintenance, design, marketing, welding procedures, testing, research, teaching, training and consumable development, to name a few. Each of these areas provided new challenges and enabled him to continue learning while gaining plenty of valuable experience.

With welding being widespread across a range of industries, Mr Rao was able to interact with those working in fields including heavy engineering, ship building, automotive, nuclear, thermal power, mining, cement, oil and gas, refineries, fertilisers, and defence and more. Aside from interaction, this varied array of opportunities allowed him to better understand welding requirements and subsequently develop welding solutions.

Each solution and each development proved to be a significant point in Mr Rao’s learning curve and gave him immense satisfaction that he was able to contribute to several critical and prestigious projects.

Over the years he has grown professionally in this field and has earned coveted recognition including his C.Eng. FWeldI and Fel.I.Inst.W, etc.

Mr Rao has also contributed for the betterment of technology by participating in seminars, exhibitions, and workshops, as well as writing technical papers, delivering training programmes and so forth.

In addition, he had the opportunity to serve as a member of the Indian Institute of Welding and served as the President for three years. He led the team which organised the Annual Assembly of IIW in 2011 for the first time in India and was the recipient of Dr DRG Achar Memorial Award.

Still working at TWI India, Mr Rao continues to conduct welding inspection and diploma courses.

Recognising his contributions, the Indian Institute of Welding recently selected him for their prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award which was given to him on 6 February 2020 at the International Conference 2020 of International Institute of Welding at Mumbai.

We would like to congratulate Mr Rao on his award and thank him for his many years of service to welding and engineering.

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