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CSWIP Senior Welding Inspector – Online Live Course

Fri, 29 May, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected people across the world but, despite being locked down, there are still opportunities to use your time to keep improving and upgrading your skills. As a result of the current situation, online learning has come to the fore in every industry.

TWI India has been conducting successful online courses that work just like our regular classroom-based training. Among the courses being delivered in this way is the Senior Welding Inspector course, leading to a CSWIP Senior Welding Inspector certification and the skills required by industry for the inspection of welding.

The course was recently conducted via WebEx by TWI India between 4 and 10 May 2020. Thirteen candidates joined the course from a variety of locations to receive training from our experienced lecturers, Mr Rakesh Sumbramanian N and Mr Indramohan. A demo session was conducted ahead of the actual course, allowing the candidates a chance to see how the training would work, ensuring they were comfortable and confident to proceed.

Customer feedback is important to us and this course showed that the candidates were satisfied with the lecturing and the delivery of the course as a live online class. TWI India is thankful for the overwhelmingly positive feedback which also allows for continuous improvements to be made to the training.

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Candidates’ feedback:  

Sebastian Rajesh Cruz Nadar
“I think this is the first online course of 3.2, but I feel it is very professionally organised. I got clear detailed explanations for all my queries in a professional and friendly manner during all the sessions. I am sure this course will help in our actual work because it is designed mostly orientated on practical applications that are followed in the welding industry. I can’t find anything negative, but TWI can develop its own platform or collaborate with others instead of WEBEX to provide the best online training experience. I thank TWI for the continuous improvement of the course material to provide the best qualified professionals to the welding industry.”

 Sumesh K P
“Thanks to TWI for the Senior Welding Inspector’s e-seminar platform.  I just want to express my gratitude for your invaluable guidance, encouragement and most especially for devoting a substantial time to us during the seminar. I fully enjoyed the lecture, and the tutor explained everything in detail and it made it easier for me to understand. The only thing I missed is the offline lectures and I wish I could do it again! I appreciate your patience and the ability to explain the subject with simple examples! Please, keep up the good work.”

Sanjeev Sahota
“Dear TWI Team, I would like to thank you for providing this online training platform; it has been proven very helpful to me and, at the same time, a perfect use of time in this pandemic situation. As for course coverage of topics, study material and tutor level of knowledge all met my expectations. To put it in a nutshell, I conclude with thanks for all the help provided by the TWI team.”

Unaise Kt
“Our class ran from 04/05/2020 to 09-05-2020. The classes and presentations up to last day were explained well by our lecturer Mr.Rakesh Subramanian. When we had any doubts regarding our subject he immediately cleared them up and only when we were satisfied did he move to next topic. So I want to thank TWI for providing a good lecturer for our training programme.”

Lakkappa Marapur
“Online course was conducted in a systematic way. Discussed technical things and I am satisfied.”

Rajeev Tkv
“The method of communication, teaching, and presentation was very good and excellent. Also, the questions we asked were answered clearly with good patience, which is really appreciated. We achieved something better than we expected in the online seminar.”

George Joseph
“It was a good occasion to utilise this COVID-19 lockdown period. If you implement final exam as CBT mode, it would be more effective.”

Metson M Thazhat
“Great session! Mr Rakesh was very knowledgeable about the topics. He gave very valuable guidance, which was well appreciated, while his presentation and sense of humour is above the level. I was truly focused on your way of talking and patience. I would definitely refer my friends. This online seminar is a better platform for me. We faced network issues but that was not upon our hands, so otherwise all is well. Again, thank you TWI for organising this online platform for us and also special thanks to Rakesh from the bottom of my heart.”

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