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CSWIP Plant Inspector L1 Online Live Course Delivered

Thu, 03 September, 2020

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, we started offering different learning options for our training courses, so that you can continue to improve your knowledge and expertise, wherever you are.

However, classroom-based training courses are also available and have now reopened at some of our venues, with due consideration of the health and safety protocols. However, there are still restrictions in some countries, so we will continue to offer our Online Live learning options for the different subjects of our training courses.

According to demand, TWI Central Asia has been successfully running the first ‘CSWIP Plant Inspector L1, Part A and Part B’ Online Live course via the Zoom platform, with lecturing from our experienced lecturer, Hamidreza Saadat and candidates attending from different countries, including Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Candidates' feedback has been positive and the course has been run in a very interactive environment, similar to our classroom-based courses. Running the course via the Online Live option allowed the candidates to join the course from different locations and decrease their costs significantly.

Plant inspection is an interesting and diverse role. As a CSWIP Plant Inspector, you will act as the primary interface between inspection and an integrity engineering team to manage and report on the status of all in-progress inspection, integrity and corrosion monitoring activities at a plant.

If you wish to attend the CSWIP Plant Inspection training course, you must submit a copy of your CV for review. Please contact us on or +90 216 288 4210 for further information.

For more information please email: