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FFS, RBI and Failure Investigation Services: 

  • RBI (Risk Based Inspection)
  • Plant life extension
  • Fitness for Service Assessment for pressurized equipments
  • ECA (Engineering Critical Assessment)
  • Integrity Management Programs
  • Pipeline Integrity Management
  • Evaluation of Pipeline Inspection data
  • Plant Repair Procedure Preparation
  • Aggressive environment testing - fracture and fatigue testing in sour, sweet and other corrosive environments; at a range of temperatures and pressures
  • Corrosion testing – covering aqueous, small scale testing
  • Fracture and mechanical testing
  • Fatigue testing
  • Hydrogen testing
  • Residual stress measurement
  • Welded polymer testing
  • Full scale chain test-rig
  • Pressure pit
  • Resonance testing-Pressure vessels-Structures-Piping systems-Oil and gas pipelines-Power generation industry
  • Design guidance and code interpretation
  • Fabrication optimization
  • Guidance on maintenance and inspection routines
  • Condition and Structural Health Monitoring
  • Defect Assessment Services
  • Technological solutions to improve the effectiveness and reliability of inspections
  • Technological solutions to extend the life of ageing facilities both through assessment techniques and cost-effective equipment replacement
  • Advice and consultancy to reduce the cost of compliance with regulations and standards
  • Support throughout the project life cycle - from the front-end engineering design (FEED) stage through to installation, in-service performance monitoring and troubleshooting 

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