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Mirnaghi Alasgarov – A young international NDT specialist

Wed, 01 March, 2023

It is fair to say that Mirnaghi is one of the most talented and educated young candidates at TWI Caspian Sea. It is his continuous endeavor to acquire various skills and experiences as well as increase his knowledge that has made him progress rapidly in his career.

Mirnaghi graduated from Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University with a qualification in Automation Engineering. During his tenure at Technical Engineering Services Provision in TWI Azerbaijan, he served as a member of the project team, an Ultrasonic testing specialist, and a third-party inspector to witness welding procedure qualifications.

He participated in many international training and exams presented by TWI Azerbaijan and obtained different international certificates. He participated in CSWIP Welding Inspector, BGAS-CSWIP Painting Inspector - Grade 2, CSWIP Radiographic Interpretation Level 2, and CSWIP Ultrasonic Testing (UT) - Welds Level 2 training and succeeded to get certified. Now he is continuing to develop his knowledge and skills in the field of NDT by participating in the PT-Penetrant Testing course.

Through the international certificates offered by TWI, Mirnaghi has expanded his career opportunities. He has received job offers from many companies internationally and currently, he works as an NDT specialist in France.

Mirnaghi shares his opinion on the importance of the certificates provided by TWI for young professionals like himself and how people in related fields should take advantage of these qualifications. Mirnaghi says:

“By participating in international training and exams provided by TWI Azerbaijan, you can become an international specialist. With this certificate, you can find a job anywhere in the world.”

We are proud to cater to the training needs of students like Mirnaghi and help them find their success path by working in the international arenas.

TWI Azerbaijan branch provides training in many fields including- welding inspection, painting inspection, non-destructive testing, cathodic protection, coating inspection, plant inspection, international welding diplomas, HSE, etc. Our lecturers, who are international experts in these fields, share their knowledge and skills with students. To learn more about our training courses click here.