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Women in Engineering - Gular Rustamova

Thu, 23 June, 2022

Women inGular was selected out of a huge number of students participating in the ‘’Young Engineers-Graduate Program’’ held at TWI Azerbaijan in 2020 for her knowledge and skills. She was then offered a position at TWI as a Project Engineer. Gular is diligent and always adds value to the projects she gets involved with.

She has a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering and completed her master's degree in Processing Technologies of Polymers and Composite Materials in 2021 at Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University. Gular has always been enthusiastic to expand her knowledge and has been working very hard throughout her studies till now. While studying at the university, she won the internal scholarship program of SOCAR. She has conducted several academic research and has participated in conferences and has published her thesis and articles in esteemed journals such as SCOPUS, and THERMAM journal of Germany.

After joining TWI Caspian Sea, Gular decided to pair her strong academic knowledge with industry-relevant technical and vocational qualifications of TWI. She attended BGAS-CSWIP Painting Inspector and CSWIP Visual Welding Inspector courses and got international certificates from CSWIP and BGAS.

So far she has worked as Process Engineer, Chemical Laboratory Technician, Documentation & Reporting Engineer, and Project Engineer. While working on the Modernization and Reconstruction Project at SOCAR HAOR, she was responsible for verification and validation of NDT reports of (PT, MT, UT, RTI, and VT) besides other tasks she did.

TWI Caspian Sea has trained many young graduates like Gular and developed their knowledge. We are very pleased to see an increase in the number of women in engineering, and always encourage women to get into the fields which are traditionally male-dominated.

Young engineers can get a head start in their careers by participating in international training and certifications offered byTWI just like how Gular did to stand out in the competitive job market after graduation.

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