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TWI Caspian Sea becoming an e-Exam Centre

Thu, 10 November, 2022

We are pleased to inform you that TWI Caspian sea is going paperless with the examinations as we start conducting examinations on iPads. This initiative not only helps us protect nature by minimizing paper use, but it is also more convenient, secure, and time-effective for students. This type of examination which was first introduced for Welding Inspection and Painting Inspection courses is being held at our Kazakhstan office – TWI Kazakhstan for the first time. Both the students and the administration team have admitted that they have found this mode of examination much more convenient.

The students who participated in this exam in the Kazakhstan office expressed the following opinions about the exam:

“The most important factor for us during the exam is timing. Time allotment is the most important thing during the exam. Many students cannot do it correctly, that's why they fill the answer sheet in a hurry and make mistakes. Also sometimes we make many mistakes while filling out the exam answer sheet but we can't undo these mistakes and so such cases also cause us to fail the exam, with the iPad exam such problems are gone. We can now spend more time looking at the exam questions than we spend filling out the answer sheet. Also, taking into account that we are in an electronic era, switching to this type of exam is a very good step”.

E-exams were held in the Azerbaijan office after our Kazakhstan office, and students also expressed their satisfaction with having the exams using pads.

By joining the training courses and examinations offered by the TWI Caspian Sea, you can get international certificates of CSWIP and make a step forward in your career development. Holding internationally recognised certificates, you will be an international inspector who can work anywhere in the world.

You can find information about TWI Caspian Sea, and the training and certifications it offers here.

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