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Wed, 30 March, 2022

Gadir started his career as a Welder, he then progressed in his career as a Welding Foreman, Welding Inspector, QA/QC Engineer, and QA/QC Welding Inspector in major international oil and gas companies. He has the experience of working on various projects in Azerbaijan and Russia. Working on complex construction sites he has been responsible for inspecting the welding processes and materials which has given him a sound knowledge of the welding processes, procedures, and materials as well as profound knowledge of the welding maps, familiarity with welder qualifications, materials, and the limitations of weld testing.

Gadir is an Experienced QA/QC Welding Inspector and to further his career, he believes in reinvesting in his skill development. By holding certificates like Welding Inspector, Radiographic Interpreter Level 2, CSWIP 3.2.1 Senior Welding Inspector, he hopes that these qualifications are going to help him develop his knowledge further and boost his career in Quality Control.

Gadir mentions how holding international certificates from TWI has helped him expand his global career opportunities, and become a professional inspector. According to him, other inspectors should work on themselves and improve their knowledge and qualifications so that the doors for international opportunities can be opened to them.

“I express my deep gratitude to TWI Azerbaijan, its professional lecturers, and staff for creating such good conditions for us. I recommend all young and uncertified quality personnel to study at TWI and take advantage of the training delivered by them” Said Gadir.

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