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Qurban Huseynov – A successful QA/QC manager

Wed, 18 May, 2022

Qurban Huseynov is an example of a very successful and intelligent candidate attending training courses at TWI Azerbaijan. He has built up his career in the field of inspection by upskilling himself through professional qualifications. He started with CSWIP Visual Welding Inspector which then upgraded to CSWIP Welding Inspector. Now that he has gained enough industrial experience, he is upgrading his qualification by attending CSWIP Senior Welding Inspector which paired with his CSWIP Radiographic Interpreter certificates makes him eligible for signing off inspection reports in international projects.

 He has 9 years of working experience in quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) position. His areas of expertise include welding and fabrication of steel structures, pressure vessels, heat exchangers and piping, quality process control inspection of welding, piping, steel structures, and pressure vessels.

He also has experience working on static equipment, structure steel, and other component related to Oil & Gas projects and oil refinery petrochemical facilities. He is well versed in the procedures and various applicable codes, standards, and client specifications. As an experienced QC professional, Qurban has strong leadership and relationship-building skills.

Qurban believes that by obtaining international certificates from TWI, he has been able to expand his career opportunities and reach the level of QA/QC manager.

 “Anyone who wants to build a career in the field of QA/QC and wants to succeed must participate in training conducted by TWI’s professional trainers and obtain CSWIP international certificates. These certificates allow us to work anywhere in the world”, Qurban says.

Qurban added that he is very grateful to TWI Azerbaijan for providing a high quality of training and for giving the candidates the opportunity of attending these international training courses locally and taking advantage of CSWIP qualifications.

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