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Welding Inspection Training Courses in Canada


TWI provides welding inspection training courses to suit a range of competencies leading to qualifications that are recognised across the globe.

TWI has a long history of supporting activities in fabrication and welding engineering in a wide range of industry sectors including oil and gas, power, aerospace, construction engineering and automotive.  Backed by this expertise, TWI provides a world-leading service in welding inspector training courses.

Welding inspection training courses from TWI are supported by the internationally recognised CSWIP certification, and a career in welding inspection can present many different options.

CSWIP Welding Inspection courses currently available in Canada are:

Pre-course eLearning packages

 This will give you thorough eLearning experience and an essential foundation of knowledge before attending the full, classroom-based CSWIP welding inspection course. It will also allow you to identify areas of weakness or uncertainty that can be discussed with the lecturer during the full course delivery.

Refresher eLearning packages

The eLearning package are ideal if you need to refresh your welding inspection theory prior to re-taking an examination or prior to your CSWIP 10-year renewal examinations for welding inspector levels 2 and 3.

You also have the option of a practical and/or theory refresher course if you need some preparation for the practical part of the CSWIP 10-year renewal examinations for welding inspector level 1, 2 or 3.

Case Study

Hafiz Jamaluddin reveals how he has grown his qualifications from studying at welding college to working for a degree and the career advantages offered by TWI Training. Read more...


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