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TWI Canada delivers CSWIP ASME IX 'Live' weekend course

Mon, 15 June, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically affected people around the world, and education has not been an exception to this, but, despite lockdown restrictions, there are still opportunities to make your time productive and informative to keep developing and upgrading your skills.

TWI Canada delivered ‘CSWIP Certification of Personnel Reviewing Welding Procedures to ASME IX’ as a ‘Live’ training course over two weekends, on 30-31 May and 6-7 June 2020.

The course was conducted via the Zoom platform and candidates joined the course from different locations to receive the training from our experienced lecturer, Reza Arjmand.

Customer feedback is always important to us and the candidates’ feedback we received at the end of this course showed that they were satisfied with both the lecturing and the method of delivery of the course as a ‘Live’ online class. Here are some of the candidates’ feedback:

Junior Ferguson:
“I’ve been in the welding industry for around 25 years, doing inspections and working with ‘ASME’ for almost 20 years now. Taking a course like this ‘Live’ class was extremely beneficial to myself. It was very enjoyable and the guys who took part in the course were all very knowledgeable. The lecturing was ‘top notch.’ Thank you very much, as it was very informative to me.”

Wade Bouvette:
“I’m a welding professional that has been in the industry for many years and working with ‘ASME’ for over 20 years. I really have learnt so much in this course. Reza is a wonderful lecturer. It was nice to get practical experience behind ‘ASME IX’ and take it to the theory and be able to understand the code better. I really enjoyed the course and thank everybody who joined with me in this class.”

Our upcoming courses will be:

  • Weekends: 12-13 and 19-20 Sept 2020 / 12-13 and 19-20 Dec 2020
  • Weekdays: 5-8 Oct  2020/23-26 Nov 2020

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