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Significant Features of PAUT Compound S-scan

Webinars 28 June 2024

Significant Features of PAUT Compound S-scan in Terms of Improved Scan-Plan Strategy and Sizing Capabilities

Date: 28 June 2024
- 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM India Time
- 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM Bangkok and Indonesia Time

What will you learn?

  • PAUT- Principle, Phase interaction, Delay laws and Focusing & Steering.
  • Calibration process and Basic Scan types (Linear, Sectorial and Compound S-scan).
  • Scan plan strategy of Compound S-scan to accomplish better volume coverage.
  • Data Comparison between S-Scan and Compound S-Scan and enhanced evaluation process.
  • Advantages of Compound S-Scan and Conclusion.

Join us to deepen your understanding of PAUT and discover how the compound S-scan can improve the inspection process.


Satanphop Amsupan - TWI Thailand Country Manager

Satanphop Amsupan

TWI Thailand Country Manager

Over 15 years of experience in life management, risk assessment and plant asset integrity issues for the power generation, oil and gas and process sectors. Currently based in Thailand as Country Manager, provides consultancy services throughout South East Asia.

Sathish Murugan -

Sathish Murugan

Mr Sathish Murugan Holds M.Tech Degree in NDT From the National Institute of Technology. He has extensive knowledge in advanced NDE Technologies like Phased Array Ultrasonic, Automated ultrasonic testing-Pipeline, Time of Flight Diffraction, Eddy Current Testing and Tube Inspection Techniques. He has been actively involved in the application of various conventional and advanced NDT techniques for inspection at pre-service & in-service stages in Refineries, Power Plants, Chemical & fertilizer industries etc. He has vast experience in offshore/onshore pipeline AUT projects at various levels.

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