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Petrobras Webinar on Materials Failure Investigation

Webinars 25 June 2024

Petrobras Webinar on Materials Failure Investigation

Time: 10.00am, Brazil/2.00pm, UK

Failure investigation is only a small, but essential part of the root cause analysis process. This presentation highlights the difference between failure investigation and root cause analysis, considers the methodology of a failure investigation, and using examples, covers some of the pitfalls related to interpreting the data arising from failure investigations. Some of the challenges associated with failures which occur frequently, or occurred due to repairs being carried out without investigation of the failure are also considered. 

Meet the team

Joanna Nicholas - Consultant Welding Engineer, AWE

Joanna Nicholas

Consultant Welding Engineer, AWE

Joanna joined TWI Ltd in 1999, and has been involved in research, materials selection and failure investigations, mainly with ferritic steels. Joanna has also supported engineering critical assessment activities by undertaking post-test metallographic assessment on fracture toughness test specimens. She has also been involved in various aspects of computer modelling.

Joanna has broad knowledge of ferritic steels with particular emphasis on hydrogen cracking and hydrogen diffusion, HAZ hardness, mooring chain, fasteners, in-service welding and 9% Ni steels. She has carried out numerous investigations in these areas including failure investigation as well as production qualification and research. She currently serves on several BSI committees, providing welding and metallurgy input to the standards as required and lectures on the IIW/EWF diploma.

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