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Lessons learnt from nonmetallic material failures

Webinars 18 June 2024

Chevron Webinar on Lessons learnt from Nonmetallic Material Failures

Time: 9am, Houston, USA/3pm, UK

Non-metallic composite materials also referred to as Fibre Reinforced Polymers (FRP) have been used with increasing frequency within the petroleum industry during the last 20 plus years, and are particularly suited for onshore and offshore applications. Compared to many metallic materials, FRP provides good corrosion resistance, low weight, high strength-to-weight ratio, long service life, low maintenance costs, and faster and easier installation.

Pipes for use in oil and gas extraction and transfer are increasingly being made from flexible high-pressure FRP pipes such as Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe (RTP) and Thermoplastic Composite Pipe (TCP) and the Reinforced Thermoset Resin (RTR).

Within RTR typical applications, either in mechanical structures or civil infrastructures RTR pipes are exposed to complex service environment conditions of a range of combinations of stress, time, temperature, moisture, radiation, chemical, and gaseous environments and are expected to perform for fifty years or more. Composites are damage tolerant, however, there are variabilities in production and in-service defects that can develop which can alter their performance.

Failures in RTR can occur and over 90% are reported to be related to joints. Understanding the causes of failures, their repair and rehabilitation are key to mitigating costly shut down and safety hazards. A case study will be presented discussing the findings of one such failure pipeline and discussion will be held on mitigating such failures and TWI’s available supports. 

Meet the team

Dr Farshad Salamat-Zadeh - Consultant and Technology Fellow - Polymer & Composite Technologies Group

Dr Farshad Salamat-Zadeh

Consultant and Technology Fellow - Polymer & Composite Technologies Group

Dr Farshad Salamat-Zadeh is a Technology Fellow, Chartered engineer and lead failure investigator of the non-metallics with 24 years of consultancy and project management experience. He has been dealing with all aspects of material engineering, joining and manufacturing issues related to oil and gas, automotive, aerospace, construction, medical and other industries. Dr Farshad is the chairman of ISO 14692-4 working group. 

Dr Farshad has hands on experience with polymer processing, adhesive bonding and welding processes as well as product development, problem solving, diagnostic and forensic investigations. Dr Farshad is the TWI Business Development Manager in the MENA regions.

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