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CRP Webinar - Extreme High-Speed Laser Application Coatings

Webinars 01 November 2023

Extreme High-Speed Laser (EHLA) Application Coatings

Join us for a free-to-attend webinar on ‘Extreme High-Speed Laser (EHLA) Application Coatings’ on Wednesday 01 November 2023, from 13.00 until 14.00 (UK time). The event is organised by the TWI Core Research Programme (CRP) to provide TWI Industrial Members with access to latest research and the novel outcomes on the project to date.

The webinar will provide delegates with an in-depth knowledge on assessing new coating technology that has the possibility to save on cost, improve performance, and increase material choices. The developments with the EHLA technology and findings of the project will be informative for industry with challenges relating to the protection of components aspects such as corrosion, wear and temperature.

Besides coatings, the project also touched on multi-layered EHLA for possibilities in additive manufacturing and repair. Attendees will learn about the discovered process benefits, characteristics and the material behaviours. As well as a sharing of lessons learnt and identification of opportunities for rapid industrialisation with this disruptive process.

Please note, the event is for TWI Industrial Members only and pre-registration is required.

Who should attend?

This webinar has been specifically designed for TWI Industrial Member companies and TWI staff and will be of particular interest to those working in the fields of aerospace, construction, oil and gas, power and surface transport.

Why should you attend?

The webinar will showcase the latest, cutting edge innovations being developed through the CRP. Delegates will gain insights into how the CRP accelerates the translation of technology into products and services for the benefit of TWI’s Industrial Members, delivering maximum impact and return on investment.


Josh Barras - UKRI Future Leaders Fellow and Principal Project Leader - Laser Additive Manufacturing

Josh Barras

UKRI Future Leaders Fellow and Principal Project Leader - Laser Additive Manufacturing

Josh is a UKRI Future Leaders Fellow and Principal Engineer working within the Laser Additive Manufacturing Section at TWI. Josh leads the newly formed Extreme High-Speed Laser Application Team. He is a Chartered Engineer through Membership of The Welding Institute, with over 9 years of laser cladding/LB-DED experience.

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