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Renewable Energy Innovation Centre

Renewable Energy Innovation Centre


Renewable Energy Innovation Centre


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The Renewable Energy Innovation Centre (RENEW) was created in October 2019 and is a strategic partnership between the University of Bedfordshire and TWI.  Its aim is to become a world-class hub for engineering based, renewable energy research and development, bringing novel, enabling and disruptive technologies to the market place.  The Centre will carry out R&D programmes designed to identify, test and qualify new sustainable energy technologies that will form the basis of tomorrow’s novel systems, applications and solutions for the renewable energy industry.

The digital transformation of energy production and usage has powerful potential to bring more efficiency, flexibility and coordination to the management of energy and its associated processes.  RENEW will reflect this by advancing innovative systems that can enhance the performance and efficiency of low carbon power generation assets, leading to improved efficiency, and reduced operational and maintenance costs.


  • Be the next generation R&D leader for the development of renewable energy systems and innovative technologies

  • Transfer technology from academia to industry, and vice versa, within the framework of a successful collaborative environment

  • Contribute to the growth in asset management for renewables, that is facilitating the use of cleaner and more reliable energy alternatives

  • Enable the digital transformation of energy, with the potential to bring more efficiency, flexibility and coordination to the management of energy

  • Undertake joint research programmes and secure a portfolio of research funding from external sponsors 

Core areas

  • Energy efficiency - smart home systems, industrial digitalisation, robotic solutions, sensor technologies, data management and internet of things (IoT) for advanced control and energy efficiency

  • Renewable energy assets management - asset monitoring, risk assessment and remaining useful life, environmental assessment, social and economic sustainability

  • Education and training - increase access to renewable energy education opportunities and resources, training and development of staff, development of academic-industrial partnerships, curriculum development

  • Innovative business models - support the take up of technological innovation aligned with sustainability targets, standardisation of new processes/technologies and assessment of best practice scenarios

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