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Net Zero Industry Innovation Centre

Net Zero Industry Innovation Centre

Net Zero Industry Innovation Centre

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The Net Zero Industry Innovation Centre (NZIIC) was set up by partners Teesside University and TWI to be a hub for industrial decarbonisation, with the aim of being a centre of excellence for net zero technologies.  NZIIC draws on Teesside University's expertise in clean energy and sustainability, which previously saw the launch of two earlier centres dedicated to this ongoing work; the Circular Economy and Recycling Innovation Centre, and the Industrial Decarbonisation and Hydrogen Innovation Centre, both also set up in partnership with TWI.

In aligning Teesside University and TWI’s knowledge and experience with industrial need and Government priorities, NZIIC will be industry focused and led in its approach, working with business partners and key organisations to deliver clear impact across collaborative research and development, enhanced productivity, environmental and business sustainability.  This will present a unique opportunity for growing the Centre’s capabilities across clean energy and the circular economy.




  • Develop new approaches to tackle the impact of waste and pollution on the environment, utilising expertise around industrial decarbonisation, sustainability and the circular economy
  • Draw out new ideas that match industry needs, turning them into viable projects
  • Jointly leverage new technologies and industrial solutions through competitively awarded grant funding, resulting in the delivery of collaborative projects which bring together UK companies and European SMEs in consortiums with complementary experience

Core areas:

  • Hydrogen and decarbonisation – adapting hydrogen applications, optimising industrial processes and developing alternatives to current chemicals, and overcoming the challenges of hydrogen storage and carbon capture
  • Circular economy – investigating applications for thermal and chemical processing, and recycling, to optimise solutions, reduce costs and bring new technology to market
  • Intelligent energy and industrial systems – supporting product and service innovation to drive forward the smart energy and smart grid agenda
  • Digital modelling and simulation – proving support for maintenance and operation of industrial assets, including virtual and artificial reality, and remote operations

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