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Weld Repair

TWI is a world leader in engineering, materials science and joining technologies. Our qualified engineers have many years of experience across all aspects of fabrication and all industry sectors, particularly Oil and Gas (including underwater welding) and Nuclear.

As a world-leading centre of excellence in joining technology, TWI is here to help Member companies, whatever the factors that have led to a weld failure.

Whether the damage is being caused by normal wear and tear or some unexpected event, TWI will assemble a team of leading experts to investigate and solve the problem. To support you, we can:

  • Manage the entire project or help you over the phone
  • Provide you with direct access to the people best qualified to help, so you get the best advice and service
  • Help you to keep your equipment, machines and structures - and your business in peak condition
  • Help you to choose the best techniques and working methods to ensure the most effective, safe and efficient repair method is chosen
  • Provide third party independent review and supervision of weld repair procedures from the development stage to their application
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Weld Repair
Our techniques are applied by skilled technologists and can often lead to innovative solutions.

TWI can also help Members to implement quality control, assurance and compliance to standards - not just expert knowledge of ISO9000, ISO3834, ISO14731, quality and inspection systems, but also practical assistance with standards compliance and implementation.

Our nuclear expertise, developed by TWI over the last half century, has recently been called upon by a major nuclear operator:

"Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) has collaborated closely with TWI on a highly specialised repair to an aluminium reactor vessel. TWI gave assistance with the development and testing of welding techniques in what AECL describes as 'a unique and challenging environment'."

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