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Welding, Surface Engineering and Material Processing

Welding and joining technologies are fundamental to engineering and manufacturing. Without the ability to make strong and durable connections between materials it would be impossible to produce the many different items we all rely on in our everyday lives – from the very large (buildings, pipelines, trains and bridges) to the very small (medical implants and electronic devices).

TWI has its roots in welding and joining technology and over many years has been responsible for developing and encouraging the adoption of new techniques and best practice in all industry sectors, providing its Members with the right manufacturing choices first time.

TWI's welding and joining expertise is broad, ranging from fusion welding processes such as arc, laser, electron beam and resistance welding, brazing and soldering to non-fusion techniques such as friction and ultrasonic welding, and diffusion, as well as adhesive bonding.

TWI's specialist knowledge covers the welding and joining of a variety of materials including metals, plastics, composites and ceramics. We have even developed processes to weld wood.

TWI offers Members a range technical support options:

  • Welding Engineering Helpdesk: Contact our qualified welding engineers or metallurgists free of charge
  • Consultancy on fabrication problems 
  • Technology audit to improve quality and reduce costs: Impartial reviews of welding procedures, assessment of workshop layouts and quality management systems
  • Visits to TWI to take advantage of the latest technical  developments and discuss your business needs
  • Product reviews and recommendations on alternative designs, materials and innovative joining processes

TWI has worked across all industry sectors with all sizes of organisation to select the right joining techniques and materials. TWI has been able to offer technical input with knowledge, practical trials and prototyping.

For more information about TWI's services, please contact us.

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