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NDT and Asset Reliability

TWI has been at the forefront of inspection and non-destructive testing  (NDT) of fabricated structures for more than 40 years. The NDT technology section is a multi-disciplinary group of over 60 engineers, consultants and technicians dedicated to the development and successful implementation of the full spectrum of NDT technologies.

We aim to provide cost savings and reliability assurance to Members through the development of innovative inspection solutions, and by interfacing with related technologies such as engineering critical assessment, risk-based inspection, reliability analysis and repair procedure development.

TWI's team works on all available NDT technologies, enabling us to develop the optimum solution in any practical industrial situation and to provide independent and impartial advice.


  • Cost savings and safety assurance on industrial plant maintenance
  • Independent advice and consultancy
  • Strong links to reliability analysis and engineering critical assessment
  • Problem solving by a multi-disciplinary team of qualified engineers

Recent successful projects

  • Evaluation of ultrasonic phased array and TOFD inspection of dissimilar metal welds
  • Development of a novel integrated inspection system for the accurate evaluation of the structural integrity of rail tracks (Interail)
  • Development of marinised long-range UT sensors capable of operating in 2000 metres of water
  • Maintenance, renewal and improvement of rail transport infrastructure to reduce economic and environmental impacts ( MAINLINE)
  • Ultrasonic phased array inspection of blade to hub joints in wind turbines
  • On-line monitoring of a wind turbine slip ring
  • An underwater radiographic inspection system for flexible risers
  • The use of ultrasonic phased arrays to inspect railway track
  • Development of an immersion transmit-receive phased array probe for stainless steel
  • In-situ non-invasive monitoring of storage tank floors using long range ultrasonic testing techniques
  • Phased array evaluation of friction stir welds
  • Development of a comprehensive quality control system for printed circuit boards
  • NDT of ceramic to metal joints
  • NDT procedures to establish integrity of tube-to-header welds in a waste heat boiler

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NDT and Asset Reliability