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Material Properties

Materials are the building blocks of all functional structures. TWI's expertise lies in understanding the complex interactions that take place when basic materials are transformed into functional shapes and joined together in different working environments.

Choosing materials that are cost-effective and also offer predictable in-service performance is essential to ensure reliable operation and avoid the potentially catastrophic consequences of in-service failure.

TWI has over 60 years' experience in material characterisation, testing, performance evaluation and suitability studies. It can provide assistance at any stage of a project - from feasibility studies, to design, implementation, and proof of performance.

In addition, TWI can advise on choice of materials and fabrication routes and validate new developments. In the unfortunate situation of a failure, TWI's experts can carry out a failure investigation and propose the necessary recommendations to avoid failures in the future.

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Laser melt runs under the microscope
Laser melt runs under the microscope