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Technology for Advanced Structures

Our broad range of expertise allows us to assemble multi-disciplinary teams to provide a complete, integrated and impartial solution to your technical problems. Members can be confident that work done by TWI will be based on the latest technical information.

This section of our website presents an overview of the technological expertise we have developed over the past fifty years, and highlights our track record of service to our Members, who include some of the largest and most influential companies in the world.

Technologies Welding

Welding, Coating and Material Processing

TWI developed many of today's tried and tested techniques for arc welding, adhesive and mechanical joining, and cutting, and more recently novel advanced technologies such as friction stir welding, electron beam surface modification, automated laser cutting, cold spray deposition and sol-gel coatings.

Technologies Structural

Structural Integrity

Developing and implementing strategies to avoid the failure of advanced structures and reduce risk, eg in deepwater offshore oil and gas risers, nuclear reactors and aeroengines.

TWI has world-leading expertise in fatigue and fracture of welds, supported by sophisticated numerical modelling and world class integrity software packages.

Technologies Materials

Material Properties

Technologies to develop and quantify understanding of weld microstructure-property relationships; material failure modes; and weldability/processibiilty without introducing flaws.

This is supported by analysis and characterisation facilities and testing capability for corrosive service, hydrogen embrittlement and weldability.

Technologies Inspection

NDT and Asset Reliability

State-of-the-art expertise in a wide range of advanced non-destructive testing (NDT) technologies, particularly long range ultrasonics, phased array, digital radiography and condition monitoring, to enhance performance and asset value without damaging the test subject.

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